Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Choose The Good

Going through the difficult time I am, I have become increasingly aware of both positive and negative influences in my life. Negative influences can be anything from a TV show with subliminal negative messages, to emotional eating habits, to people in our lives making negative comments in the name of being, "realistic." Positive influences can include meditative practices, working to de-clutter physical areas, or surrounding ourselves with those who encourage and uplift us.

Sometimes negative influences need to be cut out all together. Other times steps can be made to modify negative influences. Sometimes positive influences fall into our laps. Other times we must be proactive.

No good can come from negative thoughts. Even so, they shouldn't be ignored or suppressed but rather tackled head on and replaced with positive thoughts. We all have good days and bad but let us continually strive to maintain faith in God, hope for a better tomorrow, and love for God and our neighbors.

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