Sunday, May 20, 2012

Modified Journal

I have a catch all journal. By that I mean it's the journal I typically carry around just in case I have an unexpected thought I want to remember, a friend recommends a book I want to read, or any other miscellaneous information. (I realize I could easily enter such information in my phone but there is just something lovely about writing something down. Similar to the pleasure of holding a book in your hands versus holding a Kindle in your hands. There is a time and place for each.) I also give myself permission to tear pages out of it if I need to write something down for someone else. This is my no-rules journal. (I realize this implies my other journals have rules. I wouldn't so much call them rules as I would call them themes.)

In said notebook, I had a couple items thrown in the back such as a museum ticket. Every time I'd pull the journal out to make a note of something, the small items would fly out. It was very annoying. So I came up with a solution. A solution that involved paperclips and tape.

Paperclips sounded like a good idea because they would allow me to attach the items to the journal in such a way that the items weren't "permanently" attached (as they would be if a I had say, used staples). However the problem with paperclips is when they are used on the back cover, they can get caught on other items in my bag and pop off. To prevent this from happening, I applied duct tape to the back cover of my notebook over the paperclips to keep the paperclips in place. I used my pretty bright pink duct tape to accomplish this goal however my pink duct tape doesn't adhere that well so I put a layer of clear packaging tape over the top of the duct tape. 

So without further adieu, here are pictures of my pretty and functional modified journal:  

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